Summer 2018’s Supernatural Spike

The Daily Star reported that paranormal activity in Britain encountered a sudden spike in the summer of 2018. They spoke to Gary Parsons, a paranormal investigator in Britain, about the increased reports. Parsons reported to the news agency h received a huge amount of reports over a two month period.

Parsons and others speculated the increased paranormal activity was due to abnormally high temperatures in the UK where the thermometer peaked at 95 degrees Fahrenheit. In one paranormal investigation conducted that summer by Parsons, he was overtaken by the spirit of a priest.

The increased reports occurred during the months June and July. It’s during that time that the temperature was abnormally hot for almost six weeks straight.

Reports filed included poltergeists in a home, objects moving on their own, and apparitions. Is the increased activity due to the weather or is something else happening?

Bella in the Wych Elm

Britain has many famous paranormal stories. One of them is known as “Bella in the Wych Elm”. On April 18, 1943 four boys were hunting in Hadley Woods, Stourbridge, when they discovered a woman’s skull in the hollow of tree trunk.

Terrified the boys ran back to town where they alerted authorities. Investigations were launched. Authorities were startled to discover a full skeleton, minus one hand. The hand was later found buried next to the same tree. Unfortunately the identity of the woman was never uncovered.

Many started speculating the woman’s death had something to do with Black Magic. Local residents of the area reported hearing a woman’s scream originating from Hadley Woods only 18 months earlier. After the unsolved investigations were concluded a creepy saying began appearing as graffiti in the local area, ‘Why put Bella in Wych Elm?’

The creepy saying has not been seen since 1999. Was the woman named Bella? Was it Black Magic? Unfortunately, nobody knows.