On March 3, 2019, a tornado made its way through Alabama and Georgia, uprooting trees and destroying houses. This also resulted in the death of 23 people. Despite this horrific event, only one house managed to stay perfectly intact, surrounded by uprooted trees, destroyed/leveled houses and other debris that came from the destructive tornado.


The footage of this disaster was captured on a drone by photographer Matt Gillespie who flew his drone over Ellerslie, Georgia to get the full camera footage of the chaotic situation. Over the weekend Gillespie logged into his Facebook account and shared the footage to the public with the caption “It’s insane that this house is still standing and thank God these residents are ok!”


In the footage, you could clearly see a forest of uprooted trees and other homes that were either leveled or suffered severe damage. All but a single two-story white house remained there in the middle, surrounded by the destructive remains of the tornado. The house did not even sustain minimal damage to the roof, it just stood out there in the open untouched like nothing even happened. It was quite a surprise to everyone to see that the house was still standing and not leveled by the twister along with the other unfortunate houses and 23 people who had to give up their lives that day.


This tornado was classified as an F4, as it reached wind speeds of up to 170mph. It is also considered to be the deadliest to hit the United States since the year 2013.