Following the death of the former antivirus tycoon John McAfee, an ERC20 token called whackd (WHACKD) has seen its valuation rise significantly. Three days ago, the Ethereum-based coin was swapping for less than a U.S. penny, but then the token skyrocketed by 733% reaching over $0.07 per unit. Moreover, four days ago, a mysterious website showcasing the whackd token popped up on the internet alluding to McAfee’s alleged “contingency plan” with a countdown timer.

Mysterious McAfee Contingency Plan Website Appears on the Web Leading People to the Whackd Token Contract

John McAfee’s reported suicide has sparked a lot of interesting theories and stories during the last few days. McAfee was found dead on June 23, 2021, and the Catalan justice department in Spain told the press that “everything pointed to suicide.” However, McAfee’s widow Janice and John’s close associates have stressed to the media that the 75-year old McAfee was not suicidal.

Furthermore, interesting theories and stories starting appearing on the internet, as some people have speculated on a dead man’s switch theory. Additionally, reports have also connected McAfee to a secret bitcoin mining farm dubbed the Spanish “ghost hotel.” Following McAfee’s death and the droves of wild theories, a website appeared on the internet for a brief period of time.

The website was called and people had managed to archive the page before it disappeared. Currently, the domain gives a user a server error, but looking at the archived page on shows a pop-art drawing of John McAfee and a countdown timer. The text on the page says: “Contingency plan activated. Something big is coming.” The text is written above the timer, which was counting down roughly 28 days to reveal something.

Under the timer, there’s an Etherscan address to the whackd (WHACKD) token contract McAfee announced on November 11, 2019. The token is an ERC20 coin that was launched on the McAfee Dex platform for trading. Etherscan shows there’s currently a max supply of 790,184,970 whackd among 30,587 whackd holders.